There’s a big difference between selling your home fast and selling your home for the most amount of money. In a hot market with multiple offers on many properties, but it’s still easy to leave money on the table banking on buyers to place competitive bits.

Since the beginning of phase two in Quinte and Prince Edward County our local real estate market has picked up the pace with buyers from across the country moving to the Trenton, Hastings, and PEC. Whether they’re military members posted to CFB Trenton or people escaping the big city for more affordable housing, we have more buyers looking for properties than homes on the market in the most competitive price ranges.

More buyers with less homes available means higher competition and faster appreciation. It’s almost a guarantee that homes under $400,000 will sell in this market, no matter how much work they need. So, what’s the point in marketing with a realtor if you know your home will sell?

Homes selling quickly doesn’t mean they’re selling for the highest price. Positioning, marketing, and negotiations all play a part in getting the best return on investment (ROI) for your home in a hot market.

If you’re selling your home this year, here’s what you need to know to get the best price for your listing:

Price Point

Pricing your home well for the market conditions is the number one influencing factor as to whether your home will receive the right amount of attention from the right buyers. Despite it being a hot market and many listings selling for over asking price in the Quinte area, a home priced too high or too low will deter buyers from viewing and placing offers on your home. The right price makes all the difference when selling your home.

Working with a qualified and experienced realtor to properly evaluate your property, review what homes have sold for in your neighbourhood, and position your listing well against competition will ensure you get more interested and qualified buyers through the door and placing offers.

Marketing Strategy

Listing your home for sale on MLS isn’t the only way to drive traffic. Last year, more than 92% of home buyers looked at the property they ended up purchasing online before booking a showing and placing an offer. That means you need to show up in the right places on the internet to get your home for sale in front of more eyes. Working with a realtor allows you access to their network of homebuyers and colleagues looking to buy a property in the area. Quinte Living uses combined marketing strategies to put your listing at the top of search results and make sure no active buyer in the area misses the opportunity to view your property.

More of the right buyers paying attention to your home for sale means more money in your pocket.

Presentation and Showings

The way your home feels when a buyer walks through the door will impact whether they place an offer on the property. To get the most money for your listing, it’s important to make sure your home is in pristine condition, even if the home itself needs a little work. This adds to the perceived value of your home and lets buyers focus on the right things when they view your listing, like living in your space.

Keep your home clean for showings, put away personal affects, and ensure rooms and belongings are tidy and out of the way for buyers coming to see your home. They need to pay attention to the property, not little messes that don’t come with the listing.  

Little things have a big impact on whether your home sells for top dollar. In a hot market, you can expect that your home will sell fast, but fast doesn’t always mean for the most amount of money. Working with a professional real estate agent is one way to ensure your listing is positioned to get a great ROI when it’s time to sell, that your home is priced well for the market, and that buyers are excited about your property.

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