If you’re out and about traveling the waters of PEC this summer via watercraft, you may find yourself drifting into a small bay just off of Lake Ontario located on the western shores known as Wellers Bay. The bay is home to many cottages and homes where owners live year round. Adjacent to the bay is Bald Island, Fox Island and Baldhead Beach. During World War 2, Baldhead Beach was used by the British Commonwealth as pilot training and Department of National Defense Consecon Air weapons training. Due to the fact that this was used historically as a military training site, still to this day, this gorgeous beach is un-accessible and forbidden for use as there is potentially harmful or deadly explosives that still remain on site. As beautiful as the beach is, it is not somewhere you want to set up for a beach day with friends.

In 1969, the Department of National Defense transferred the Islands to the Canadian Wildlife Service to protect the wildlife habitat as an NWA. Today, for the safety of the public, Wellers Bay beach is still forbidden for use and home to many species of protected animals. If you’re around Wellers bay and see unusual metal or debris, contact local authorities to disclose what you find. To reduce risk to the animals that live here and exposure of injury due to unexploded explosive ordnance on site, anyone found trespassing in the area could be issued a fine under the wildlife area regulations of the Canada Wildlife Act.

The NWA is home to many different bird species, such as songbirds, migrating waterfowl, and species at risk, such as; least bittern (threatened) piping plover (endangered) monarch butterfly (special concern) eastern hognose snake (threatened) eastern ribbon snake (special concern). The protected ecosystems and habitats provide safe space for the migratory birds, breeding aquatic life and species that are at risk of extinction.

In the summer months as water traffic increases, Wellers Bay is full of life. When spring approaches, the migratory birds return, and the foliage blooms, this destination is a must see. With breathtaking views and a chance to bird watch or listen to their chirping tunes, you would think it’s the most peaceful place ever… too bad you have to watch out for unexploded explosives.

Although, you can’t physically step foot on the beach, observing and appreciating the natural beauty of wildlife from the water is not shamed upon and we may even encourage you to do so. There is something about observing from a distance without getting in the way of nature, something very beautiful. If you do find yourself nature watching in Wellers Bay this summer be sure to bring your bomb armor and camera to capture this beautiful area (from a distance).   

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