Nothing says spring in Prince Edward County and the Quinte area like maple, and we’ve got the festivities to prove it. The PEC March Maple Madness and Maple in the County celebrations are packed with activities for all ages, not only marking the arrival of spring but also celebrating the rich tradition of maple syrup production in the area. A blend of culinary experiences, outdoor activities, and community spirit is sure to satisfy every maple lover. If you’re like the Quinte Living team, you’re salivating in anticipation… literally. Read on to discover the delights that await when maple season kicks into gear in Prince Edward County and Quinte West!

PEC March Maple Madness 

Running every weekend in March, PEC March Maple Madness spans Prince Edward County, featuring sugar bushes, wineries, and local businesses, each adding their unique spin. There’s no shortage of fun activities, like petting alpacas, snowshoeing through vineyards, and sampling maple-inspired wines and treats. The community’s creativity and passion for the versatility of maple syrup shine with an amber glow. 

Participating businesses, including renowned wineries and cideries like Rosehall Run Vineyards and Waupoos Estates Winery, offer special maple-themed treats and experiences, showcasing the synergy between local produce and the sweet, sticky nectar of the gods.

Maple in the County 

Maple in the County, set to take place on March 23rd and 24th, 2024, invites locals and visitors to immerse themselves in the heart of maple syrup season for a weekend. Syrup producers across Prince Edward County like Sweetwater Cabin/Hubbs Sugarbush and Vader’s Maple Syrup open their doors to the public to experience the magic of syrup production. From sap to syrup, attendees can look forward to learning about every stage, and of course, devouring the end product. Friends and families can look forward to pancake breakfasts drenched in fresh, locally produced maple syrup, the sticky delight of taffy on snow, and a plethora of maple-infused treats. It’s an opportunity to meet the producers, learn about the syrup-making process, and enjoy the warm hospitality that defines the region. The Maple in the County festival not only highlights the importance of maple syrup to the local economy but also fosters a sense of community and shared heritage. 

A Journey Through Flavour and Tradition

Both Maple in the County and PEC March Maple Madness represent the essence of spring in Prince Edward County and Quinte West. These events are not just about celebrating maple syrup; they’re about experiencing the local culture, exploring the beautiful landscapes, and creating memories that last a lifetime. Whether you’re a resident or planning a visit, these festivals offer an opportunity to delve into the heart of Canadian maple traditions, surrounded by the natural beauty and warm community spirit of the region.

That spirit is why we at Quinte Living can’t imagine calling anywhere else home and why we’re dedicated to making sure our clients feel the same way. Whether they’re born and raised in the Quinte area or migrating to Prince Edward County from afar, our clients always feel safe in our hands. As we welcome the spring of 2024, we embrace the sweetness of the season and celebrate the shared heritage and simple pleasures that make life in Prince Edward County and the Quinte area so special. 

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