Watching fireworks is always a Mystical experience. Whether you’re watching with family or friends you’re bound to fall into a trance while gawking up to the sky as beautiful bursts of colour flash before your eyes.  This Friday July 15th at dusk Mystical Distributing is hosting their annual fireworks display at Centennial Park inTrenton and we wanted to get the scoop on behind the scenes of this local business and how they came to be. We spoke with Mark Phillips, owner of Mystical Distributing Company Ltd. to find out just what makes this business so cool.

How long have you been in the firework business?

I started Mystical 35 years ago so we have been in the business for a very long time. It was somewhat of a fluke on how I started in the business, I originally started out on the retail side of selling fireworks and I just really loved them. One thing lead to another and Mystical just kept growing and growing.

How many people do you have working at Mystical Distributing?

Mystical has a team of 80 people and about 450 people who work from the factory.

What inspired you to start your business in the Quinte area?

To be honest It was sort of a fluke! Originally, we were supposed to open in the Mississauga or Burlington area. By chance we ended up finding a warehouse in Trenton that was reasonably priced and in a great area so we ended up opening right here in Quinte.

What is your favourite thing about the Quinte area?

There are just so many things! I think the best thing about the Quinte area is the people. Everyone here is so friendly and kind. 

What do you require to succeed in this business?

What we require to succeed is an amazing product line and excellent services. We need good product that functions well and that looks nice. On the other side you have to treat your distributors and customers well and If any problems arise we make it a priority to fix the problem as fast as we can!

How would you describe your business’s success so far?

Well, when we started, it was just me. We didn’t manufacture at the time and I just sold them from our retail store. My first store was a shipping container that was about 5’ x 10’. It was a very small warehouse and I remember I could lie down in there and pretty much touch all 4 walls. Years later, we have gown so much. We now have distributors all over the country and in every province. Here in the Quinte area we have 5 warehouses. Mystical has kind of grown on its own and we are sort of partners in all of the firework related business and we now supply fireworks and related items all over the world.

Do you have any exciting things planned for the future of your business?

I do, yes! Were always bringing in new firework products and new lines of fireworks. We are getting involved in so many other aspects of the entertainment industry to always provide our customers with the latest products and effects. 

Why do you put on your annual firework show and what do you enjoy most about them?

I put on my show every year because I like to see people smile and I love it when people are excited about seeing my fireworks. I love it when the display is going on and I can walk by everyone and hear the oohs and ahhs coming from the crowd while they appreciate my show and it just gives me so much joy to see the support I get. We put on our show every year as a way of saying thanks to all of our amazing customers. This year’s show is taking place on July 15th which is this week on Friday. It’s going to be a fantastic show. We’re going to be doing fireworks as well as a drone show. We have some of the best drone pilots in the world right here in Canada. I just love putting on my show for the people of Quinte. Come out to catch the display in Centennial Park, Trenton, this Friday, July 15th at dusk!

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