Moving to a new place is stressful. There’s more to moving to a new town, city, province, or community than the physical move. Often, the social and emotional parts of the move are forgotten about or pushed aside to prioritize sorting belongings, packing, and moving. 

When the dust settles and you’re moved into your new house, how do you make it feel like home?

Hang photos

It’s trendy to keep everything super minimal, but there’s nothing wrong with a little personality. Hang photos of friends, family, vacations, or pets that bring a smile to your face. When you decorate your space with tokens and reminders of happy experiences and people or places that warm your heart, the entire space starts to feel more comfortable.

Get out into the community

If you don’t know anyone in the area you’ve moved to, and we have a lot of newcomers to the Quinte area and Prince Edward County, it’s important to remember that the best way to meet people and feel included is to get out into the world. Our community has exceptional hobby clubs, sports leagues for adults, and engaging networking events for people looking for new connections with similar interests. Join some of the local community social media groups to find out about these opportunities. 

Grab a coffee

Frequenting the same local coffee shop a  couple of times will give you a sense of who is a regular. This is a great way to make new connections and interact with people out in the community while supporting local businesses. There are several cafes, like the Grind and Vine for example, where it’s easy to grab a cup of coffee and strike up a conversation.

Say “Hi!” to your neighbours

It used to be common to know your neighbours but in recent years, it seems that has become less ordinary. Knock on their doors and introduce yourself to the people who live around you. This helps make you more comfortable with your new home environment and feel connected to your new neighbourhood. Check out your neighbourhood Facebook or social media page to see if there are community events to take part in like garage sale days, neighbourhood barbecues, or street gatherings. Getting to know the people who live in your neighbourhood is a surefire way to make you feel at home.

Explore your new area

There’s nothing like a drive down country roads or exploring small towns with quaint shops and restaurants. In the Quinte area, we’re blessed with vibrant small towns with lots of personality. Take a drive through Prince Edward County, Quinte West, the Oak Hills, and Trent Hills to see a bit of diversity in our landscape. Don’t forget the small towns like Stirling, Warkworth, and Consecon that have loads of neat small businesses and historical architecture to see. The more you familiarize yourself with your new surroundings, the more comfortable you will be.

It takes time to feel at home in a new community or even in a new house. Make it your own and get out to make connections so you don’t feel isolated and out of place as you’re settling in. Most importantly though, be patient with yourself. It can take time to feel settled in your new home and there’s no need to rush yourself or put more pressure on yourself to feel at home. Moving is stressful enough.

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