We know not everyone has the creative eye to make those tough decisions when it comes to decorating and designing the interior of your home or maybe revamping your space isn’t in your budget right now. Whether you’re the one that scrounges through thousands of pins on Pinterest to get ideas or maybe you follow some interior design pages on social media for inspiration, the bottom line is that you need help elevating your space. Good thing that is what this post is all about!

We have put together five budget-friendly tips and tricks that are guaranteed to assist you in creating a space you’re proud of and can feel comfortable in no matter your skill or budget. 

First things first, DECLUTTER.

This one is super budget friendly, its free and can even make you some money if you take the selling route. It can be overwhelming coming home every day to see clutter. You see it every day and think to yourself; I need to get rid of some things. Well.. now is as good a time as ever. Set aside some time to go through your clutter and decide what you actually need and what can be donated, sold, repurposed, or thrown away. Start off simple with two labels; keep and donate. Hold up each item, and think about what that item means to you. If it’s important and being used often, there is no shame in keeping it or repurposing it for something else. However, when you give everything the keep label, you’re not doing it right, start the process over. 

Don’t be afraid of colour.

Neutral, marble, White, and earthy tones are undeniably a great way to keep your space looking fresh, polished, and clean. But, sneaking in pops of colour into a room can bring sparks of your personality right into your space. You can add pops of colour in so many ways, the possibilities are endless. Maybe an accent wall with your favourite colours or even small options like throw pillows and blankets that rest on your couch can make all the difference. If you have bigger items in your budget, perhaps, a colourful couch or accent chair. Don’t go overboard though (unless you like that, remember it’s your house) combining your new pops of colour with warm and neutral minimalism (thanks to the declutter in step one), you will get this really clean and minimal feel that also incorporates natural textures to add a little bit of warmth. This is perfect for those that want to include those highly saturated colours combined with the calm earthy tones to give a decluttered cozy vibe.

Try playing with textures and materials.

Say it with me; Not everything needs to be plain, white, symmetrical, or evenly balanced ! Take advantage of different textures and materials that can give your home the elevation and pop it needs. Think of the dining room for example, try adding as many textures as you can. Dark leather chairs perhaps combined with a pale wood table, a woven basket in the center filled with colourful fruit. There is 3 quick fixes right there that you may already have at home. Re-doing an entire room can be costly and time consuming. Instead, try making some small changes that will make a big difference. Often these small additions will create the new revamped look you want without having to replace larger finishes that take away both your time and money. 

 Become a Thrifting maniac and make use of one-of-a-kind pieces.

Reduce, Reuse and, Recycle! What better way to do that then at the thrift. Some of my all-time favourite home furnishings have been found while thrifting. Maybe you’re new to the thrifting world so I am going to suggest you start like this, take advantage of apps like Pinterest. Make a collection of images that spikes your interest or ideas you like and study them. What exactly about that design do you like. Now, take those fresh ideas with you to the thrift store and hope the thrifting gods are on your side. You may not find exact replicas of what you’re looking for but there is a good chance you will find something similar that you can take home and style in your own original way. 

Make a gallery wall. 

Last but certainly not least, old family photos, children’s artwork, posters, or even magazine prints can make your the most dreamy gallery wall. A fun idea is to collect anywhere from 5-15 frames, different shapes and sizes that are all one colour and fill them with phots, art and prints that accent each other. You can find inexpensive frames at places like the thrift store, flea markets, Facebook Marketplace, and yard sales.  Once you have all of the frames and art, photos and, prints you would like to use, lay out the frames on the ground and play around with the layout before committing to putting nails in the walls. This idea is budget friendly and can eelvate your space perfectly while adding so much personality to your home. 


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