For military families posted to CFB Trenton, finding the right neighbourhood is crucial. Within the geographic boundaries for base are many beautiful towns and small cities, but three neighbourhoods stand out for their proximity to the base, affordability, family-friendliness, and strong resale potential: Prospect Hill, Mortgage Heights, and Brookshire Meadows. During posting season, homes in these three neighbourhoods tend to get snapped up quickly. They’re great to live in and a traditionally safe place to buy for those who aren’t sure how long they’ll be in Trenton.

Prospect Hill

Located on the east side of Trenton, less than 2 km to CFB Trenton, Prospect Hill appeals to many military families. The neighbourhood features homes mainly built in the 1970s and 80s, with some newer constructions from the early 2000s. It is a quiet neighbourhood with a public school in the middle. On summer afternoons, you’ll find kids riding bikes, people walking dogs, and seniors gardening. The perfect home for everyone.

Benefits for Military Families:

  • Close to CFB Trenton: The short commute to the base is a significant advantage. There is easy access to both the North and South sides of base.
  • Stable Housing Market: Homes in Prospect Hill are known for their stability and good resale value. They tend to be more affordable homes, so many buyers prioritize the neighbourhood.
  • Family-Oriented Community: Residents of all ages and backgrounds make this community a welcoming place for everyone, except maybe the neighbourhood raccoon.

Mortgage Heights

Mortgage Heights, with its roots stretching back to the 1940s, is another excellent choice for military families. Never heard of it? We hadn’t heard that name for it either, until writing this blog post. On the west side of Trenton, next to Trenton Memorial Hospital, sits the numbered streets of Quinte West. While the neighbourhood doesn’t have an official name, back in the day they were the first homes in the area that could be mortgaged, earning the community the nickname of “Mortgage Heights.” The neighbourhood’s A-frame wartime houses and bungalows offer a unique living experience, and the large lots with several parks make it the perfect place to live if you like spending time outside.

Key Features for Military Families:

  • Convenient Location: Its location near CFB Trenton makes it an ideal choice for military personnel. It will take you less than 10 minutes to get to work, unless the chicken bridge is really backed up.
  • Community and Resale Value: The neighbourhood’s strong resale value is fueled by the affordable prices of homes, many selling under $500,000. 
  • Charming Architecture: The homes in this neighbourhood are a very common floor plan but unlike most of the other places you’ll find these homes, the numbered streets are full of charm with beautiful gardens and cozy brick faces on the houses.

Brookshire Meadows

Brookshire Meadows, a newer development in Quinte West, is perfect for military families seeking modern living close to CFB Trenton. The neighbourhood’s mix of townhomes and detached homes caters to various preferences and budgets. Construction in this neighbourhood started more than 10 years ago with some of the earlier phase being finished in 2013. There are newer phases to this neighbourhood as well. These homes tend to have modern fixtures and design choices like laminate flooring, energy-efficient appliances, and HRV systems. The neighbourhood spans around a small park that is a popular place for busy families to take their kids.

Advantages for Military Families:

  • Modern and Efficient Homes: Newer construction means adherence to recent building codes, such as copper wiring and fibreglass or blown-in insulation.
  • Diverse Housing Options: The range of housing types in Brookshire Meadows offers flexibility for different family needs and budgets.
  • Proximity to Amenities: The neighbourhood’s location near Walmart and easy access to the 401 highway make daily life convenient.

For military families posted to CFB Trenton, Prospect Hill, Mortgage Heights, and Brookshire Meadows are standout choices within Quinte West. These neighbourhoods not only offer close proximity to the base but also have strong resale potential due to their affordability and desirability. Each neighbourhood has unique charm and amenities, making them ideal options for military families looking for a comfortable, convenient, and investment-worthy home in Quinte West.

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